Transformation sensorimotrice
utilisant le contrôle postural
de la marche et du regard

Coordinator : Damien Ricard

Learning to measure, quantify and analyze the sensorimotor behavior of people involved in complex tasks. Applying these methods for measuring behavior in several use cases using dedicated platforms (Smart Check, SmartSimulator, SmartFlat, and SmartRea) to build and data mine specific database for the Human behavior modelling, in a follow-up setting.

Demonstrating that these databases can be used to stratify rapid decision-making, context-adaptive and collaborative intelligence capabilities in order to bring out perceptual-motor styles and track their evolution over time.

Working on meaningful and acceptable ways of data representation for experts final users involved in the data collection. All these studies are conducted with multi-sensors data recordings (IMUs, EEG, EKG, 2D and 3D video, GSK, eye-tracking…). However, we aim at adjusting the number of sensors to the minimum viable, in a transactional approach between body-sensor networks and ambient intelligence.

Research Focus

– Gaze, postural and locomotor behavior indoor and outdoor in healthy individual form newborn to senior and in patients, including studies on falls and whiplash

– Planning, coordination and sensorimotor control on selected complex tasks of everyday life in healthy individual and in patients

– Visual development: sensorial and motor foundations