Tristan Dot . Flavien Quijoux . Laurent Oudre . Aliénor Vienne-Jumeau . Albane Moreau . Pierre-Paul Vidal . Damien Ricard

The automatic detection of gait events (i.e., Initial Contact (IC) and Final Contact (FC)) is crucial for the characterisation of gait from Inertial Measurements Units. In this article, we present a method for detecting steps (i.e., IC and FC) from signals of gait sequences of individuals recorded with a gyrometer. The proposed approach combines the use of a dictionary of templates and a Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) measure of fit to retrieve these templates into input signals… This study paves the way for new step detection methods: it shows that using one single template associated with non-linear deformations may be sufficient to model the gait of healthy subjects.

Sensors, 20(7):1939, 2020. DOI: 10.3390/s20071939