Aliénor Vienne-Jumeau . Laurent Oudre . Albane Moreau . Flavien Quijoux . Sébastien Edmond . Mélanie Dandrieux . Eva Legendre. Pierre-Paul Vidal . Damien Ricard

Objective gait assessment is key for the follow-up of patients with progressive multiple sclerosis (pMS). Inertial measurement units (IMUs) provide reliable and yet easy quantitative gait assessment in routine clinical settings… Our personalized step-detection method has high performance for detecting steps in pMS individuals with severely altered gait. The algorithm can be self-evaluating with the SI, which gives a measure of the confidence the clinician can have in the detection. What is more, the SId (similarity index) can be used as a biomarker of change in disease severity occurring between the two measurement times.

Frontiers in Neurology, 2020. DOI: 10.3389/fneur.2020.00261