Bases de données

Base de données médicales sur la locomotion humaine

This data set consists of 1020 multivariate gait signals collected with two inertial measurement units, from 230 subjects undergoing a fixed protocol: standing still, walking 10 m, turning around, walking back and stopping. In total, 8.5~h of gait time series are distributed. The measured population was composed of healthy subjects as well as patients with neurological or orthopedic disorders. An outstanding feature of this data set is the amount of signal metadata that are provided. In particular, the start and end time stamps of more than 40,000 footsteps are available, as well as a number of contextual information about each trial.

Base de données haute précision de nuages de points 3D

This data set collects high precision raw data coming from the acquisition of objects by a 3D laser scanner.